With the proper page ranking and search engine optimization, your website can be served up to targeted audiences that are most likely to need your business.

Knowing how to construct a website that attracts spiders, crawlers and robots is only half the battle. Doing the proper keyword research is the other. Make sure you're dealing with someone that knows how to do both and you'll have the right customers reading the right words to bring them right to your door!


Some websites sell things indirectly. Major retailers use temporary websites to draw attention to events, sales and promotions. With prices like mine, even local merchants can afford a big online presence!


Sometimes you just need to get your message out there. With a great combination of text description, pictures, diagrams and even video, you can deliver your ideas like never before.

Custom website design in Bloomington Normal, IL.

Bellis and Bolek Painting

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Don't pay for a template based, machine built website for your business, when you can spend less for a fully custom, hand produced website, made to your exact specifications.

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