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Certified by UC, Irvine extention in HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop and Web Design, I'm qualified to build virtually any website, but I love helping local small businesses get more customers.

Have you started a build-it-yourself website and found it was more difficult than you thought? I have used most of the "drag and drop" website builders and can take over wherever you left off, giving your ideas a polished, professional look and improved function.

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard for professional graphics.

My fluency with Photoshop means I can render almost anything on a webpage. Your banners, buttons, backgrounds and images can all be custom made to your taste.

Your website will be SEO optimized from the beginning.

I don't try to trick the search engines into giving your page higher ranking- I build webpages with what they're actually looking for! It's much easier to follow the rules, if you know what they are. Make sure you're dealing with professionals.

Your website developer in Bloomington Normal, Illinois- Bill Danosky.

Bill Danosky

Cheap and Good Websites:

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for web design that's both Cheap and Good.

Serving Bloomington, Normal and Central Illinois with custom website design, web development, eCommerce and related applications for over ten years.

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